Jims Way Bridge

In conjunction with Lightfoot Initiative and the Queenstown Trails Trust, we were keen to lend our support to in advocating for a pedestrian bridge over SH6 to improve access and mitigate a currently dangerous multilane street crossing.  


Wilding Pines

Like many locals we've adopted a plot on Ben Lomond to prevent the spread of Wilding Pines. If you want to adopt a plot too, take a look here:

wilding pines

wilding pines 2


Queenstown Gardens Band Rotunda

The first band rotunda was erected in Queenstown Gardens in 1891 but had fallen into disrepair by the 1960's. A new rotunda was built in 1981 which was in turn rebuilt in 1999 by the Queenstown Lions Club. Michael provided the drawings to replicate the original Rotunda. 

Band Rotunda Park


Mornington Cable Car (Dunedin)

Watch this space! Two things we enjoy, heritage projects and sustainable travelled combined into one. We are keen to see this project go ahead. 

Take a look at their website here: